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Posted May 15, 2013
     As you peruse our home business opportunities, you need to realize that there are many different types available today. The majority are created and designed to fill the pockets of a few people at the top earning far more than they are deserving... They are earning what they are due primarily to good luck in timing, and of course due to a very hard, often dishonest sales line.
     Did  I just call some businesses dishonest?
I sure did!
If they do not tell the whole truth...
If they hide some of the unpleasant facts...
If they do not tell prospects they will not earn without personally sponsoring affiliates...
The business is dishonest! Truth in advertising means the whole truth and nothing less!
     Another unpleasant fact about most home businesses is that they are unilevel in design. That means, unless you sponsor others there is no income except what you can manage in personal sales. 
Not so our prime business opportunity!
Posted Aug 23, 2013
Just How Easy Is This Home Business?
     The primary reason we chose this as a home business is because we may help people.
1. We can help people financially.
2. We can help people physically.
     How would you like to receive a commission every time someone you have never met, never seen nor even know their name made a purchase of a product? It happens for us all the time!
     How would you like to be equipped to "Turn back the hands of time" on the aging process. There are certain natural products available to constantly rejuvenate the body and mind.
     Our coffee product was added as a line to work with people who specifically like coffee OR those who wish to just lose weiht by drinking a great coffe that is actually healthy and creates no hyper side effects.
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Posted Feb 15, 2014
     Just the other day a friend came by to visit and I offered him a coffee. Naturally the coffee was of my own stock as part of my home business.
     "I just have to show you this great business opportunity" he said while we were having a coffee. Tell me about it was my response. So he began to explain:
     "It only cost me $189 to get signed up and started" he gushed. "That is really good for a complete home business! It is a complete line of vitamins and supplements made specifically  to our company specifications. They are really good!"
     And how much do you have to purchase for resale I asked. "Why, only $800 to start up and then only $400 a month for resale", he said.
     What is your commission rate when you sign up new people to sell the product as well I asked. "Oh not too many people want to sell them" he said. "They just want to buy them."
     I did not have the heart to tell him that I had already had my go around with that particular company when it was only $49 to join and $100 a month required to sell, but then, average wages at that time were only about $50 a day. Reality is this was one of those "Fill your own garage" type of businesses.
     I had previously shown him the home business I run, but he was not ready and I do not push friends. A person must be open minded and ready for success.
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